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Statement on the Mayor’s Proposal to Raise Revenue for the MTA

through an Increase in the NYC Personal Income Tax

August 07, 2017
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Today, President Carol Kellermann issued this statement on behalf of the Citizens Budget Commission regarding the Mayor's proposal to raise revenue for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) through an increase in the New York City personal income tax:

The Mayor’s proposal to raise the top rate on the personal income tax to help fund MTA capital spending is not an appropriate way to raise revenue for the MTA. Taxpayers, particularly New York City taxpayers, already provide approximately 40 percent of the mass transit budget through the payroll mobility tax and other taxes.
While it is constructive to focus discussion on the transit system’s long-term capital needs, new funding streams to support these needs should come from motorists-- who are not contributing their fair share to the MTA-- through congestion pricing or other charges for motor vehicle use.
To the extent that the Mayor is now supportive of city-funded half-price MetroCards for low-income riders, that support is welcome, but such a program does not require a new tax; it can be funded with existing City resources.

For further information contact Kevin Medina at or 212-279-2605 ext. 342.