Committees of trustees oversee the Commission’s research and take policy positions based on that research. CBC currently has six research committees; other committees are created on an ad hoc basis. Recent ad hoc committees include Solid Waste Management, State & Local Realignment, Rent Regulation, Public-Private Partnerships, Parks, and Public Authority Reform.

Budget Policy

The Budget Policy Committee views City and State financial plans and develops policy positions on the proposed and adopted budgets. The Committee also identifies topics for research in the areas of collective bargaining, public employee health insurance, and pension benefits.
Frederick Yosca and Alair Townsend, Co-Chairs

Charter Revision

The ad hoc Committee on Charter Revision will monitor the work of both the Charter Revision Commission initiated by Mayor de Blasio and the separate Commission initiated by the New York City Council.  The Committee will follow both Commissions and determine when/if it will be appropriate to testify, comment, make proposals, or otherwise actively participate in the process as it relates to CBC issues, particularly with regard to the latter Committee which has proposed a top-to-bottom review of the New York City Charter.
William Floyd and Edward Skyler, Co-chairs


The Competitiveness Committee is concerned with how the New York metropolitan region can become more competitive for jobs and residents. In 2016 the Committee released a scorecard on the competitiveness of the New York region in attracting educated and talented workers with plans to update the scorecard in subsequent years.
Vishaan Chakrabarti and David Greenbaum, Co-Chairs

Economic Development & Housing

The Economic Development & Housing Committee assesses the effectiveness of state and municipal economic development and housing programs and seeks to identify ways to make public sector efforts in this arena more cost-effective and accountable. It actively monitors and evaluates State and local economic development programs. The Committee is currently analyzing housing affordability in New York City, including the nature of the affordability problem, the administration's housing proposals, and the viability of public housing.
Sheila Davidson and Mark Willis, Co-chairs

Energy Policy Committee

The Energy Policy Committee will assess progress of Governor Cuomo’s and Mayor de Blasio’s carbon reduction and public/private energy consumption agendas; address whether further energy efficiencies and reductions in emissions are plausible; and determine whether specific state and city programs are cost-effective and consistent with the broader strategies for reliable, resilient, and affordable energy systems.
Ron Bergamini and Karen Daly, Co-chairs

Transportation & Infrastructure

The Transportation Committee focuses on the finances of New York’s transportation infrastructure, including the City, State, and public authorities such as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the New York State Thruway Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The Committee has also advocated for the expansion of design-build procurement and public-private partnerships.
Ken Gibbs and Steve Polan, Co-Chairs

Innovation Prize

The Innovation Prize Committee meets annually to review nominations for the CBC Prize for Public Service Innovation to recognize and promote successful innovations in the delivery of public services. The prize is awarded at the CBC Annual Dinner, and alternates each year between a State and a City agency.  The 2018 Prize for Public Service Innovation was awarded to the New York State Department of Health Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT).
Thomas Brodsky and Justin Steinberg, Co-Chairs