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Striking a Balance

Financing Education Reform in the Most Heavily-Taxed State

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November 01, 2006

Recently, CBC has pursued an active research agenda – including the report Can New York Get an A in School Finance Reform and a conference in 2004 – on the issues embodied by the State Court’s decision in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case. With funding from The New York Community Trust and the Carnegie Corporation, CBC followed up on this research by hosting two expert panel discussions focusing on key issues in education finance reform. This brief recounts the proceedings from the second of those discussions.

Key points emerging from the discussion:

  • New revenues for education finance reform should be generated in a way that does not compromise the competitiveness of New York State.
  • Taxpayers deserve to have their taxes used efficiently and effectively; making current spending more efficient is as important as getting new monies into the school system.
  • Education reform will not be accomplished until it becomes a priority for legislators.
  • The business community has a direct stake in the improvement of the public school system: cultivating the human capital necessary to ensure future business growth and prosperity.
  • A good reform strategy will engage many groups, but the business community has been especially successful in bringing pressure to bear on legislators to accomplish education reform.

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Striking a Balance