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Top Ten Things to Look For in the FY2016 NYS Budget

January 19, 2015
  1. Windfall Settlement: About $4.5B has been proposed so far on one-time spending. Will funds ultimately be spent prudently, with returns on investment?
  2. School Aid: Will education reforms include a plan to fix broken school aid formulas? Reforms will be hollow otherwise.
  3. Medicaid: Will spending stay under cap of 3.6%? Will the cost of newly eligible immigrants be affordable?
  4. Budget Growth: To meet 2% growth assumption, what spending will be reduced to make a surplus a reality? What impact will it have?
  5. Tax Credits: Economic development key priority for the Governor. Will expansion in programs continue without clear benefits documented?
  6. Design-Build: Proven tool in reducing construction costs has expired. Will the Governor continue to champion the cause, propose extension or PPPs?
  7. Personal Income Tax: Lower tax rates for middle brackets expire in 2017. Will the Governor propose an extension and how will he pay for it?
  8. State Agencies: Will this be the 5th year of frozen agency spending? Are there specific plans to realize greater efficiencies or just "do more with less"?
  9. Brownfields Tax Credits: Laudable veto by the Governor. Will sensible reforms follow?
  10. Transportation: Clues to how the gigantic holes in the MTA and Thruway Authority capital plans will be filled? Tappan Zee financing plan?