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6 New Bills Added to Economic Development Scorecard

June 06, 2019

This scorecard continues CBC’s tracking of bills that would increase economic development spending (for the full scorecard and download, click here). Six bills have been added since the previous scorecard, for a total of 67 bills. None of the six new bills contain an estimate of fiscal impact. Of the 67 bills on the scorecard, one bill has passed both houses of the State Legislature and three bills have passed the Senate only.

The bill that has passed both houses, A4312/S1192, increases the size of grants that can be given through the Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers program, reduces reporting and evaluation requirements for the program, and pushes back the deadline for the required evaluations. The cost of state economic development efforts in 2018 totaled $4.4 billion, without adequate transparency and accountability to ensure that these resources are used effectively. This bill continues this pattern and should be vetoed by the governor. Until the necessary reforms are made, the remaining bills on the scorecard should also not move forward.

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2019 Economic Development Scorecard