About Us

The Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic organization whose mission is to achieve constructive change in the finances and services of New York City and New York State government.  Our mission is rooted in serving the citizenry at large, rather than narrow special interests; preserving public resources, whether financial or human; and focusing on the well-being of future New Yorkers, the most underrepresented group in city and state government.

CBC was founded in 1932, at a time of great fiscal crisis, when a group of distinguished civic leaders decided to start a research organization that would analyze the City’s finances, evaluate the management of city government, report on these matters to its members, and recommend improvements to municipal officials. In 1984 CBC expanded its research to include state as well as city government.

With a reputation as an independent and objective voice, CBC has been a catalyst for positive change in government finance, performance management, education, transportation, health care, and economic development. 

How Do We Execute Our Mission?

CBC is a watchdog: We scrutinize the efficiency and fiscal viability of government policies and practices.

CBC is a research organization: We study government programs and initiatives and provide evidence-based recommendations when improvements are needed.  We confine our advocacy to issues on which we have conducted research.

CBC is a nonpartisan resource: We provide information for the media, elected and government officials, civic groups, and the concerned public on City and State finances and services, and bring stakeholders together on key issues.

Our Three Fundamental Beliefs

The research program is grounded in three fundamental beliefs:

  • Serving the interests of the citizenry at large, rather than narrow special interests, should be the beacon that guides public officials as well as the standard for evaluating their performance.
  • It is wrong to waste precious public resources, whether they are financial or human.
  • It is important to focus on the well-being of future New Yorkers, the most underrepresented interest of all in city and state government.


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Citizens Budget Commission 2018 Audit

Form 990 documents available upon request.  Please contact mdoulis@cbcny.org.