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MTA November 2015 Financial Plan Update

December 20, 2015

Last week CBC warned the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) board that an economic downturn was a risk to the financial plan it had approved. Analysis based on the last three recessions shows the MTA could experience a shortfall of $1.5 billion over the financial plan, or as high as $616 million in a single year.

The implication of the CBC analysis is that the MTA’s leaders should consider changes in order to meet challenges associated with a recession. Moreover, even if the region continues to grow as forecasted, planned fare and toll increases are implemented, and savings targets are achieved, the MTA expects a $182 million cash deficit in 2019.

As a way to promote informed deliberation of the MTA’s fiscal prospects, CBC has launched a new interactive tool that allows users to explore the MTA’s recent financial performance and adopted financial plan. The MTA Fiscal Dashboard displays revenues and expenses by type and allows users to compare the financial performance of MTA business lines including its subways and buses and its commuter railroads.  Click on the pie chart to begin examining the MTA’s finances.