Special Feature City Budget

Runs by FDNY Fire Companies

FY 2015

May 10, 2016

CBC has prepared an interactive map that shows “runs,” or responses to emergencies, made by New York City Fire Department (FDNY) engine and ladder companies in fiscal year 2015. The map allows users to analyze the types of emergencies to which their local fire companies respond.

In fiscal year 2015, fire department engine and ladder companies completed more than 1.1 million runs; nearly 735,000 by engines and more than 413,000 by ladders. The relative number of runs can be explained by the number of each type of company (198 and 143 respectively, including specialty units) and the nature of incidents to which each type of company responds. Both engine and ladder companies respond to fires; a standard response for a fire requires a run by at least one engine and one ladder company. Engine companies are also dispatched to medical calls, the largest portion of FDNY incidents overall. Ladder companies are involved in a wide range of non-fire, non-medical incidents, like utility emergencies and elevator malfunctions.