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What to Look for in the NYC Preliminary Budget for FY2018

January 23, 2017
  1. Will updated economic assumptions lead to downward revisions in tax revenues projected for 2018 since first quarter collections in fiscal year 2017 fell short?
  2. Will the preliminary budget increase the size of the Citywide Savings Program and rely more on deriving recurring savings from increased efficiency instead of debt service savings, re-estimates, and funding swaps?
  3. Will headcount continue to grow and/or will the city claim savings in the current year from positions that remain vacant?
  4. How much new spending on programs will be introduced in 2018?
  5. With the homeless shelter census surpassing 60,000, will shelter funding increase beyond the $1.5 billion budgeted in fiscal year 2017 or the $1.1 billion assumed in subsequent years?
  6. How much will overtime exceed the cap agreed upon as a condition of increased staffing in the New York City Police Department?
  7. Will NYC Health + Hospitals need additional subsidies in the absence of a detailed plan to address its fiscal condition?
  8. Will the City’s financial plan include a “bonus” for the Municipal Labor Committee from exceeding the target for health care savings?
  9. Will the impact from the State Executive Budget be recognized in the City’s financial plan?
  10. Will the City increase support for the New York City Housing Authority given $17 billion in unmet capital needs?
  11. Will the Preliminary Ten-Year Capital Strategy be revised to provide improved information on the needs and expected outcomes of proposed investments?