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MTA Fiscal Dashboard

August 31, 2019

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) 2020 Preliminary Budget and 2020-2023 Financial Plan presents significant out-year cash deficits that grow to a cumulative deficit of $740 million by 2023. These deficits could be greater if savings from the Budget Reduction Program (BRP) and the Transformation Plan are not realized.

CBC has updated the MTA Fiscal Dashboard for the MTA's 2020 Preliminary Budget. The Dashboard displays revenues and expenses by type and allows users to compare the financial performance of business lines including the authority’s subways and buses and its commuter railroads. 

Get started by selecting a business line. To return to the agency-wide view, select the same business line again. Reset the dashboard with the button in the lower lefthand corner.


  1. The figures presented here do not include below-the-line adjustments, which consist of assumed fare and toll increases in 2021 and 2023, and proposed policy actions including Transformation Plan savings, fare evasion deterrence costs partially offset by the Manhattan DA Forfeiture Fund, a drawdown of the 2019 general reserve, a reduction of 2019 funds committed to capital, and costs for an accounting system replacement and state-mandated employee training. 
  2. “Other” includes projected general reserves, as well as Build America Bonds subsidies and other expense adjustments. 
  3. Accrued subsidies estimated by dividing the cash subsidy by business line by cash subsidies agencywide and multiplying by corresponding accrual figure for a given year. 
  4. Commuter railroad debt service is divided by the share of commuter railroad capital commitments for Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad from capital program years 1982 to 2019. 
  5. Commuter railroad subsidies divided by the share of total commuter railroad deficit attributable to the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad less the Connecticut Department of Transportation Subsidy for Metro-North, which is allocated entirely to the Metro-North Railroad. 
  6. Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2020 Preliminary Budget, July Financial Plan 2020-2023 (July 24, 2019), and Preliminary Budget, July Financial Plan (annual editions 2008 to 2018), https://new.mta.info/transparency/financial-information/financial-and-budget-statements.