Episode 20 - 44 days

November 16, 2017
44 is the number of days left in Council Member Garodnick’s tenure, which is coming to an end after 12 years due to term limits. Council Member Garodnick has been a voice of reason in the City Council, having raised important questions about the city budget, economic development, and contracts. He chairs the City Council’s Committee on Economic Development, is on the budget negotiating team, and in his final months has been fighting to pass reform of the commercial rent tax.

Episode 19 - $67 Billion

November 09, 2017
$67 billion is the amount of state and local taxes New York State residents deduct from their federal tax returns each year. Known as SALT, this deduction is the topic of intense debate in Washington. Congressional leadership proposes to eliminate or cap SALT in order to offset the cost of corporate and other tax cuts.

Special guest Jay Kriegel, Senior Advisor at Related Companies, is a New York communications and strategic advisor who has been involved in a number of major New York political and policy initiatives. In 1986, Jay led a national coalition that thwarted an attempt to eliminate the SALT deduction, and today he has taken a leadership role in the coalition to protect it.

Episode 18 - 348 and 74

November 02, 2017
The data points are 348 and 74.

348 is the number of Local Development Corporations and Industrial Development Agencies in NYS. These corporations made $16.2 billion in economic development investments from 2011 through 2015, yet only 5 of the state's 62 counties have had job growth higher than the national average. For this half of the podcast WTDP is joined with CBC Research Associate, Riley Edwards, author of the recent report: "Opaque and Duplicative - Local Economic Development in New York State."

74 is the number of Business Improvement Districts in NYC. CBC's report "BIDS - Organization, Oversight, and Transparency" describes the history and nature of these organizations, what services they provide, and whether property owners are getting their money's worth. WTDP is joined by CBC's Director of Research, Tim Sullivan, to explain.

Episode 17 - $95 billion

October 25, 2017
This episode's datapoint is $95 billion, the current value of all of the future retiree benefits, except pensions, already earned by current retirees and employees of NYC. This amount, referred to as OPEB, or 'Other Post-Employment Benefits,' is primarily the cost of health insurance for NYC employees, their spouses and families. Special guest Dr. Thad Calabrese of NYU, and author of CBC's latest report on this subject, "The Price of Promises Made," gives an in-depth look at the City's OPEB obligations, compare them to those of other cities around the country, and explains why the City should establish more appropriate benefits and funding arrangements.

Episode 15 - 60+ years

October 12, 2017
This episode's datapoint is "60+," as in the combined years of professional experience of special guests Renee Boicourt and Kent Hiteshew in the matters of public finance. Listen to live audio from the CBC's recent event, "Fiscal Crises," where experts Renee and Kent discussed lessons learned from the bankruptcy of Detroit and the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico.

Episode 12 -77,651

September 21, 2017
77,651 is the number of affordable housing units financed thus far in Mayor de Blasio’s 10-year plan to construct or preserve a total of 200,000 affordable units over 10 years. Since the Mayor took office, NYC Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) has overseen the commitment of $2.8 billion for affordable housing, most of it through loans and development programs.

HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer joins the podcast to discuss the progress of and challenges to the ambitious Housing New York plan.

Episode 11 - $66 Billion

September 07, 2017
$66 billion is the amount New York's school districts received in revenue during the 2015-2016 school year. Dave Friedfel discussed whether school aid is targeted to the neediest districts. Riley Edwards also joined the podcast to bust myths about school crowding in New York City.

Episode 10 - 30%

August 31, 2017
This week's data point is 30% - the share, based on dollar value, of city contracts to be awarded to minority- and women-owned businesses by fiscal year 2021, according to a goal set by Mayor Bill de Blasio in September 2016. This would be an increase from 14 percent in fiscal year 2016. New York City Deputy Mayor Richard Buery joins the podcast to discuss the efforts he is leading and overseeing in order to meet that goal.

Episode 9 - $1.5 billion

August 16, 2017
The MOVENY congestion pricing plan can raise $1.5 billion annually. Campaign Director Alex Matthiessen joins to the podcast to discuss the specifics of the plan and prospects for enacting it.

Episode 8 - $17 Billion

August 10, 2017
NYCHA has $17 billion in capital needs. NYCHA Chair and CEO Shola Olatoye joins the podcast to discuss strategies for addressing these capital needs and to review progress implementing NextGenNYCHA.