Episode 40 - 176,000, with Patrick Orecki

May 11, 2018
176,000 is the number of New Yorkers statewide currently enrolled in Health Homes, a Medicaid program that coordinates care for individuals with complex health needs. CBC Research Associate Patrick Orecki summarizes the state's experience with Health Homes.

Episode 39 - 4, with Sally Goldenberg

May 04, 2018
4 is the number of neighborhood rezonings that have been passed under Mayor de Blasio. Sally Goldenberg, Politico's Senior Reporter on real estate and housing, joined Ben and Maria to discuss the rezonings that have passed, those that haven’t, possible future rezonings, and more on housing and real estate.

Episode 37 - $307.45 with Anita Laremont

April 18, 2018
$307.45 - the minimum per square foot price for selling air rights in East Midtown. NYC Department of City Planning General Counsel and Chief Data Officer Anita Laremont discusses the de Blasio's administration's approach to commercial and neighborhood development, including the East Midtown rezoning, Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, and more.

Episode 36: $168.3 billion with Dave Friedfel

April 04, 2018
$168.3 billion is the size of NY State's Fiscal Year 2019 Budget. CBC's David Friedfel discusses spending, as well as how the MTA, NYCHA, and New York City fared in the budget process.

Episode 35: 17%, with Comptroller Tom DiNapoli

March 25, 2018
17% is the increase in the average bonus paid by Wall Street in 2017, bringing the average bonus to more than $161,000. NYS Comptroller Tom Dinapoli discusses Wall Street, the State and City budgets, State pension funds and more in remarks to CBC and a Q & A with Ben and Maria.

Episode 34: $9.5 Billion

March 18, 2018
$9.5 billion is CBC’s estimate of the extra taxes New Yorkers will pay due to the cap on the state and local tax deduction, known as the SALT cap, enacted in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Andrew Rein, director of CBC's Special Committee on Federal Tax Changes, discusses the impacts on NY and what the State and City should do in response.

Episode 33 - $32.2 billion

March 08, 2018
$32.2 billion: the size of the Port Authority's 2017-2026 Capital Plan. This podcast features Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton, followed by a discussion on public-private partnerships, airport renovations, the fate of Gateway, and the 42nd Street bus terminal.

Episode 32 - 86

March 01, 2018
This episode's data point is 86 - as in the CBC's 86th Annual Awards Dinner. One of several awards given at the gala is the Felix G. Rohatyn Award, which recognizes champions of New York and sound fiscal management. This year's Rohatyn Award honoree is former Federal Reserve Board Vice-Chair Stanley Fischer, and this episode presents his remarks. He covers two broad topics: first, national fiscal policy, and second, financial markets.

Episode 30 - $72.4 billion

February 08, 2018
$72.4 billion is total Medicaid spending in the NYS Executive Budget for FY 2019. CBC's Senior Advisor for Health Policy Dr. Charles Brecher joined WT[D]P to discuss progress on Medicaid reforms and the potential impact of federal actions on health care in New York.

Episode 29 - $88.7 billion

February 02, 2018
$88.7 billion is the NYC Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2019, released yesterday by Mayor Bill de Blasio. City-funded expenditures are up 4.3 percent over fiscal year 2018. Wall Street Journal City Hall reporter Mara Gay joined WT[D]P to wade into the preliminary budget's details.