What's the [DATA] Point?

What's the [DATA] Point? is a podcast by Citizens Budget Commission and Gotham Gazette on New York State and City policies.


It's hosted by Ben Max, Executive Editor of Gotham Gazette, and Maria Doulis, Vice President of the Citizens Budget Commission, and produced by Kevin Medina and William J. Rice.


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Episode 91: 1975, with the "Sages of the Ages"

May 31, 2020
1975 is the year NYC found itself on the verge of municipal bankruptcy. How did the City turn around its fortunes? We present CBC's special panel discussion, "Sages of the Ages." Five New York fiscal experts--Steve Berger, Stan Brezenoff, Gene Keilin, Dick Ravitch, and Alair Townsend-- describe how they helped the City navigate through the fiscal crisis and explain what they think we'll need to do to overcome the challenges of the present.overcome the challenges of the present.

Episode 90: $7.4 billion, with Melanie Hartzog

May 17, 2020
$7.4 billion -- the two-year tax revenue shortfall for the City of New York revealed when Mayor Bill de Blasio released the Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2021 last month. In this episode we hear from the person who will help guide NYC through one of its greatest fiscal challenges, NYC Budget Director Melanie Hartzog.

Episode 89: 2020, with Alyssa Katz and Laura Nahmias

February 14, 2020
2020. Welcome to the new decade! It’s Andrew Cuomo’s 10th year as Governor, Bill de Blasio’s 7th year as Mayor, and it promises to be a busy year in New York politics.

Alyssa Katz of The City and Laura Nahmias of the Daily News Editorial Board discuss policy priorities as the State and City legislative sessions begin.

Episode 88: 6 months, with Gregory Russ

January 30, 2020
6 months is the time the New York City Housing Authority has to develop a reorganization plan. In this episode NYCHA Chair & CEO Greg Russ discusses working with the federal monitor to facilitate change, working with residents to instill confidence, and what needs to happen at NYCHA to make it a high-performing agency that can ably serve its 380,000 residents.

Episode 87: 7 days, with Andrew Rein

January 22, 2020
7 days since the start of budget season, which commenced this year with the New York City Preliminary Budget released on January 16th. The State Budget, released just yesterday, may have a significant impact on the City’s finances this year: with the State facing a large budget gap, the Executive Budget proposes reorganizing school aid formulas and restructuring the local obligation with respect to Medicaid funding. CBC President Andrew Rein joins the pod.

Episode 86: $28.8 billion, the Holiday Edition

December 11, 2019
$28.8 billion is the cumulative four-year budget gap facing New York State between fiscal years 2020 and 2023. CBC President Andrew Rein joined the podcast to explain how the State should get its fiscal house in order. And for a special treat, CBC's Andrew Perry and Ana Champeny discuss regional economic development and NYC property taxes. Happy Holidays!

Episode 85: 275, with MTA Board Member Veronica Vanterpool

November 21, 2019
275 is the number of meetings Veronica Vanterpool has attended since she was appointed to the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. She is one of four individuals appointed by the Mayor to the 21 member board. She joined the pod to discuss her time on the board, the important challenges facing the MTA, and more.

Episode 84: $15 billion, with Dean Fuleihan

November 12, 2019
$15 billion is the CBC's estimate of the three-year revenue shortfall for New York City government in a recession. First Deputy Mayor Dean Fuleihan joined CBC President Andrew Rein for a wide-ranging discussion about the City's budget, closing Rikers, access to hydropower, NYC's competitiveness, and more.